For clients who do not have time to monitor the stock market developments on daily basis, our experts have prepared a solution in the form of Portfolio Management. CAPITAL MARKETS, o.c.p., a.s. provides its clients with the opportunity to invest in portfolios managed on the US and European stock markets.

During the first stage, clients decide whether they want to invest in US stock markets in USD, or in the largest European stock markets in EUR. Having selected the investment currency, clients are offered three types of managed portfolio: CLASSIC, VALUE and INDEX. The difference between the CLASSIC and VALUE, or INDEX portfolio is in the expected holding period of securities in the client’s portfolio. In the VALUE and INDEX portfolios, assets are held for a period exceeding one year, as a result of which the achieved profits are exempt from the income tax. The VALUE and INDEX portfolios are products with tax benefits from the state government.

In cases of CLASSIC and VALUE portfolios, potential clients are offered four distinct strategies, differing in the allocation of investment into higher-risk component – shares, and lower-risk component – bonds. The ratio between the individual components thus creates a High risk, Dynamic, Balanced and Conservative strategy.

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